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By default, WooCommerce product posts display up to three tabs below the main content area. Description displays the content you type into the post editor, or the “Product Short Description”, which acts the same as WordPress Excerpts. Additional Information appears if your product has attributes enabled such as Color, Size, Material etc

How to Change the WooCommerce Additional Information Tab Sep 04, 2014 · When you add shipping information to your product (weight and dimensions) these are automatically added to the WooCommerce Additional Information tab on the product page. You could always remove this tab using our WooCommerce Tab Manager , but it’s handy to list out attributes so you may want to keep it around.

How to rename tabs on product page in Woocommerce

15 Jan 2019 Or the tab labels “Product Description” and “Additional Information”? How to Change the Cart Button Text on Your WooCommerce Shop  Change text and heading on tabs for addition information 23 Jul 2013 Hi, I have set up Woocommerce and set the default language to Dutch. From there Change on single product panel "Additional Information" */ How to Remove the Additional Information Tab in - YouTube 19 Apr 2018 How to Remove the Additional Information Tab in WooCommerce #wordpress #woocommerce #freelance Full Blog Post with code snippet:  [Woocommerce] How to Reorder Tab Position - ASDQWE DEV 25 Jul 2017 $tabs['description']['priority'] = 10; // Description second $tabs['additional_information']['priority'] = 5; // Additional information first. return $tabs; }

WooCommerce: Rename Product Description Tab Label 14 Jan 2019 Tab labels are “Description”, “Additional Information”, “Reviews” by default – but what if you wish to rename them into something more relevant  WooCommerce: How do I rename the Product Description or WooCommerce: How do I rename the Product Description or Reviews tabs? Additional Information appears if your product has attributes enabled such as 

[Snippet] Rename Tabs on WooCommerce Product Page Did you know that you can rename the tabs on your WooCommerce store's information about the product description, ratings, and additional information (if  How to Add / Edit / Customize WooCommerce Product Tabs A shop owner wants to publish more info about the products. __( 'Product Data', 'text-domain' ); // Rename the additional information tab $tabs['test_tab']['title']  Change WooCommerce Sold Out text | WP Beaches

Add Product Tabs for WooCommerce v1.1.3 Nulled

Remove the Description tab from WooCommerce - Silicon Dales Jan 31, 2018 · Whatever the reason, if you’d like to remove the description tab from WooCommerce, you can do so using the snippet below, which should be added to functions.php, or a custom plugin, or a snippets plugin: Remove Description tab from WooCommerce

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How to rename the product tabs in WooCommerce. In this section, we will see how to rename the product tabs in WooCommerce. We'll change Additional Information to Ingredients, Reviews to Ratings and Description to Heating Instructions. The code we will use is similar to the code we used in the previous section: XforWooCommerce.com Help Center – XforWooCommerce.com Help Useful product tabs manager. Table from CSV, image, video, text, HTML, shortcode. Create tabs from product meta keys easily. Rename or disable short description or additional information tabs. Plus conditional tabs! Visit Help Pages → Hide the Description and Reviews Accordion Tabs in

5 May 2014 This code snippet lets you change the main label for either the Billing case 'Additional information' : $translated_text = __( 'Shipping Info',  YITH WooCommerce Bulk Product Editing Editing multiple products can be exhausting: maybe you just want to change the allowing to revise what you need, in addition to import and export products in a giving you the freedom to edit any kind of information for your products: from 

10 Oct 2017 CSS classes may change based on your theme or plugins, but the default classes are 16, < div class = "woocommerce-additional-fields" >  WooCommerce. How to change order of tabs on product page 1 Aug 2016 This video tutorial shows how to change the order of tabs on product page There are information tabs on product single pages in WooCommerce that you Then, click the custom-function.php file title at the right hand side:. How to Create Custom WooCommerce Product Tabs 20 Nov 2018 Learn how you can create custom WooCommerce Product Tabs within a for WordPress you can already add additional information to your products. the position of the tab, e.g. make it the first tab, change the priority to 1. Reorder Content on WooCommerce Single Product Page

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